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The Pocket Guide to Writing a Resume

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The Pocket Guide to Writing a Resume

I've spent years working in the recruiting industry and want to share some insider knowledge with job seekers. I've reviewed thousands of resumes and helped hundreds of people land in new roles. Whether looking for a $10/ hour job or a $200k / year role, this guide has something for everyone.

Why Resumes?

The short answer is that we all need a resume at some point in our careers to get into a new role.

The long answer is that companies don't just go around handing out job offers. Businesses have lengthy recruiting and hiring processes and a resume is the cornerstone piece. Step one in the job search process is usually sending your resume in online for a particular role. Even if we have a network of people that can help us get a foot in the door at their respective companies, we will still need to pass along a resume to someone. A resume is effectively a ticket into a company.

Additionally, not everyone is going to be an entrepreneur and work for themselves for their whole life. As Daniel Vassallo says, "Becoming self employed is easy. Staying so is hard." With that perspective in mind, it's clear that most of us will need to find employment somewhere.

Who Is This For?

Anyone that is diving into the job search process who is looking for an entry to senior level role.

If you're looking for a role that's paying $250k or more, I'd assume you'll know most of what is in here and this will not be necessary. Your kids, friends kids, or other family members might need this, though :)

What's Included?

  • A presentation style, pdf booklet outlining tips, tricks and advice for putting together a resume

  • A document style pdf outlining tips, tricks and advice on putting together a resume

  • 15 samples of commented resumes from varying levels of professionals

+Additional Resources


Does this guarantee getting a job? No, unfortunately it does not. Every business and hiring manager will have their own biases and decision criteria for hiring.

Is there a refund? There is no mandatory payment for it. The content can be downloaded for free if price is an issue. It's more important to me that everyone have access to this kind of information. That said, if you can afford to pay, I would greatly appreciate it. If you do pay and are unsatisfied, dm me on twitter (below) within 30 days and I'll refund the amount paid.

Are there templates included? There are sample resumes and links to Google Doc templates that can be copied. There is also a link to using Notion to create a website based on your resume. A google search for resume templates will bring up thousands of results as well. The reason for using Google Docs is that it's free for everyone. Not everyone has access to MS Word or paid services.

Why did you write this? There are no formal resume classes taught in any education program that I'm aware of. No one talks about this. Yet, resumes are a cornerstone piece of professional development. My day job has given me more insight into this topic than most people have and I like to help people. To bridge the gap, I wanted to create a resource that can be used and easily shared with people.

Is this right for me? If you are not going to retire from your current company, than you will likely need a resume in the future. So yes, this is for you :)

For other questions, please follow along and ping me on Twitter, @Quinn_Hanson22.

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The Pocket Guide to Writing a Resume

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